Mission Statement


people who care and understand



During an extended period as a mechanech, I have unfortunately come across instances of many young children and teenagers going through emotional pain and suffering whom I was unable to help due to being uninformed about the different types disorders and their causes.

I also recognized that there is apprehension within the frum heimish community about contacting mental-health medical professionals due to the associated stigma and anxiety about the negative effect it may have on the success of arranging a suitable shidduch.

I therefore resolved to conduct intensive research on the subject by extensive reading about the numerous types of mental disorders and talking at length to many professionals. As a result of my efforts I have managed with HaShem’s help to put together information that should help people recognize the symptoms and hopefully lead to a diagnosis that will facilitate the correct treatment options leading to the best results.

Recognition of the symptoms and what they imply and a basic knowledge of the associated terminology will assist sufferers to be more articulate when consulting with a medical professional and prompt them to ask pertinent questions which will all go towards making the experience more useful and informative.

It is vital to know that at this point in time there are no physical tests (including blood tests, MRI or X-ray etc.)  that can assist in diagnosing any of these types of mental health disorders; one has to make use of what is called ‘a symptom dictated diagnosis’ which can only indicate results over an extended period of time. As the average length of a professional consultation is limited to ½ an hour, it can take several visits before the professional gains familiarity with the personality, symptoms, daily schedule and other details he needs to know in order to make a correct diagnosis.  Therefore, any information you have accumulated before talking to a mental health professional will save time when trying to treat the disorder.

Although, as already mentioned, there are no physical tests at this time – the illnesses are very real and extremely painful and debilitating. The patient needs sympathy and understanding that validates their concerns and fears.

Unfortunately these types of disorders put a strain on the patient’s family and we hope to make them aware of what to expect when going through such an experience.

Finally, please note that the information provided on this site is not meant to replace any medical doctor nor help to make a diagnosis; that must be left to a medical doctor who has experience and training.