PrayerThere was once a lady sittng by her dying child.  She was crying and pouring her heart out to Hashem.  She heard that a holy rav had come to town.  She asked her husband to go and get a bracha (blessing) from him.  The man got up and went to the rav.  After explaining his urgency to the gabbai (rav’s attendant), he was told to sit and wait while the gabbai went into the rav to let him know.  The gabbai knocked and opened the door to the rav’s study.  The rav immediately signaled him to leave. 

The gabbai went back to the man and told him to wait.  An hour passed.  The man again pleaded with the gabbai, telling him, ”my child can already be dead.  Please, please help me.”  the gabbai went back to the rav’s study and was again signaled to wait.  The gabbai returned to the man and told him again to wait.  In the meantime, back home, the mother was still pouring her heart out to hashem. 

 A short time later, the rav’s study door flew opened.  The rav excitedly came out and told the man that everything is okay, the child is fine, and that he should go home.  The rabbi said, ”your wife’s simple tefilos just reached the heavenly throne (kisei hakavod). The man was so startled, he thanked the rav, and ran home.  

The gabbai asked the rav to explain what just happened.  The rav told the gabbai , “I saw up in shamayim that the baby was destined to die and there was nothing to be done, but because of the mother’s simple tefilah, the decree was changed. 

Hashem desires our simple faith in him, to believe that he can do anything.  The lady said with sincerity, “please, Hashem, look down at my baby.  See how much he is suffering.  Please help him.  That simple tefilah changed the decree. The child grew up and lived a long life with Hashem,torah and mitzvot.

Lichvod Klal Yisrael remeber a simple t’filah can change the decree